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MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: LOVE AND HIP HOP Houston Is SHUT DOWN . . . Gangsters PULL GUNS On Producers .. . And Threaten To 'SHOOT' The Cameramen!!


Last week, announced that Love And Hip Hp had begun filming a new FRANCHISE SERIES - Love And Hip Hop HOUSTON.

Well as of yesterday, the new series has OFFICIALLY been put on HOLD. According to MULTIPLE sources in production, a fight broke out while shooting - and GUNS were pulled - on the PRODUCERS OF THE SHOW.

The incident happened earlier this week, when a fight POPPED OFF between Jhonni Blaze and another girl. More people got into it, and it turned into a near riot. was told that in the melee, at least ONE PRODUCER had a gun put in their face, and a cameraman was thrown to the ground and threatened.

As of now, Love and Hip Hop Houston is officially ON HOLD, until the crews SAFETY can be assured.