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MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: Latino GANG Gets ARRESTED . . . Trying To RUN DOWN On Tekashi 6ix9ine . . . Dude KEEPS WINNING!!

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Last week an infamous Latino street gang named Tango Orejons threatened Tekashi 6ix9ine – and warned him not to come to San Antonio.

Tekashi IGNORED their warnings and landed in San Antonio yesterday.

Luckily for Tekashi, the police caught up with the guys – as they were on their way to meet him at the airport in San Antonio:

Tekashi has been trolling the Cali Crips since the week before the NBA All-Star weekend. When he did touch down in Cali, he didn't stay in one place for too long and stayed ahead of them by posting his "live" location hours later.

Yesterday at the airport, Tekashi and his crew got into an altercation after the New York rapper allegedly insulted the man's female friends. Many thought the brawl was gang-related, but it wasn't. But give it time, it's on the way. He is playing it too fast and loose. All the Crips in the world are not restricted to Cali; there are gangs on the east coast also who will be itching to get their hands on him.

The star is currently on probation after pleading guilty to three felony counts of use of a child in a sexual performance.

"I'm free," the rapper said during an interview with XXL. "You're going to wait forever if you want to see me in jail. Keep waiting, go call the cops, call 911, use everything you have. I've been answering so much about legal problems. All I got to say is tell everyone to hire a lawyer, call every precinct and tell them Daniel Hernandez is in Brooklyn. These false allegations are crazy. It's internet trolls."

Tekashi is the ultimate internet troll. Somebody in his camp needs to get him together before it's too late!