MTO SHOCK SUPER EXCLUSIVE: Hackers Are Selling A 'PREGNANT SEXTAPE' Of Beyonce . . . And NEKKID PICS Of The Cash Me Outside GIRL!! (EXCLUSIVE Images)


Russian hackers may have DESTROYED America's election . . . and now they're trying to destroy one of our LEADING ICONS. According to one website on the "dark web" where hackers exchange stolen materials - a group of hackers claims to have "stolen" a Beyonce "pregnancy sextape."

This news was SHOCKING, even to us. And we've SEEN and HEARD it all.

The hackers - as seen below - claim to have stolen a "pregnancy sextape" of Beyonce, which they are offering for sale. The hackers also claim to be selling some sexual pics of 14-year-old internet star Danielle 'Cash Me Outside' Bregoli. Possession or sale of sexual material concerning underage persons is a federal crime.

This is CRAZY!!