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MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: Hacker Leaks ALLEGED Nekkid Pics Of Kylie Jenner . . . The Internet Is About To BLOW UP!!!!! (Dang The Girl In The Pics . . . Got MOUTH Skills)

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This weekend, an anonymous hacker HACKED into Kylie Jenner's Snapchat account and claims to have Nekkid pics of Kylie.

There is no way to determine that it is, in FACT, Kylie in the images. But it sure looks like her.

It's NEW AND NEVER BEFORE seen pics of the youngest Kardashian (or some lookalike) without any clothes.

The images, which are being shared on Snapchat - and we are NOT PUBLISHING HERE - show "Kylie" taking what appear to be nude selfies in front of a mirror.

And one pic - of the purported Kylie - shows her performing oral relations on a brown skinned African-American man (whose face is hidden).