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MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: Detroit 'BLACK TERRORIST' . . . Threatens To Commit MASS MURDER . . . On BLACK WOMEN!! ('I Will Shoot Them In The V*GINA')

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    Original: has learned that a Detroit man is being investigated by police – after threatening to ‘MURDER’ Black women on Youtube.

In an explosive video, the man claimed that the problems within the Black community are DIRECTLY a result of”Black Women.”

The video, which we published below – shows him making THREATS directly against Black women. He says:

"I will shoot [Black women] in the mouth, and [shoot] you in the vagina,

And then, after about 30 seconds, I will kill you. Useless m*therf*ckers.”

The same man threatens to kill the Black women who work with him at the Chrysler Sterling stamping plant.

He also rants about Black women who date interracially and accuses them of being color-struck and not liking darker skinned brothers. The man in the video's face is not seen, but it's very clear that somebody in his behalf hurt him. Whether the women cheated on him or just left his crazy ass for white or light-skinned dude - but the police need to hurry up and get him the hell off the streets!

He also threatens to shoot a light-skinned guy out with a curvy Black woman. This rant, sounded as though he does nothing but sit home and binge watch Tommy Sotomayor videos with a bucket of KFC chicken on his hateful ass lap!

After this video, we doubt ANY woman of ANY color will be rushing to give him ANYTHING after this video continues to go viral

Chrysler - please find this disgruntled employee and FAST before we have ANOTHER massacre go down!!!