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MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: Chyna Is COLD BLOODED . . . She SHOOTS HER SHOT . . . At Kylie's Babys Father Travis Scott!!!

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This week two alleged s*xtapes of Chyna leaked – and Chyna suspects that the Kardashians may have been behind the leaks.
So now she’s out for BLOOD . .. or some other bodily fluid.

Last night she went THERE – she shoots her shot at Kylie’s baby daddy.

Could Blac Chyna be seeking revenge for Kylie snapping up her ex Tyga? Most likely. We all know that Blac Chyna does not mind playing dirty if she has to.

Many speculated that her relationship and subsequent pregnancy with Rob Kardashian was a tactical move over her fallout from the Kardashian clan. Now she's in their lives forever, whether they like it or not.

We can't be sure how committed Travis Scott is to Kylie Jenner. We hear whispers, but he really doesn't talk about his relationship with her or post her too often on his social media. Perhaps Blac Chyna has noticed that he is perhaps less present than a new father should be and has spotted an 'in.'

Part of us wants Chyna to put a stop to this ridiculous beef because it's really hurting everybody involved, including herself and her brand. But this is MediaTakeOut; we love to spill the tea! We think this follow is just the beginning of some juicy mess.

Stay tuned!