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MTO SUPER EXCLUSIVE: Chris Brown's Security Camera's 'MALFUNCTIONED' . . . Did Not Record The Incident With Baylee!! (Was It A 'MALFUNCTION' . . . Or Were The Tapes 'ERASED')

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Grammy-winning singer Chris Brown was arrested yesterday after a woman named Baylee Curran claimed Chris threatened her with a gun.

Baylee reported the early morning incident to police, saying 27-year-old Brown pointed the gun at her before she left his gated estate in the wealthy Los Angeles enclave of Tarzana.

Baylee told the Los Angeles Times that Brown pointed a gun at her face. She said Brown and another man became angry with her when she admired the man's diamond necklace. Curran said she and her friend ran outside as one of Brown's associates gave chase and hid under a neighbor's SUV.

Well now we got some REAL TEA. spoke with someone INTIMATELY INVOLVED with what happened that night, and they tell us that Chris' home is "covered" with surveillance cameras. And that the incident that Baylee is describing SHOULD have been caught on tape - but it wasn't. exclusively learned that Chris Brown's Tarzana home is outfitted with 16 cameras, covering the interior and exterior of the home. We're also told that the area where the ALLEGED incident occurred was within the VIEWING SCOPE of one of Chris' security cameras.

The insider explained to, "Something messed up with the cameras, and they didn't record." But our insider insists that the cameras would have shown Chris' innocence had they been recording. The insider continued, "It's messed up because if the cameras were working, you would see that Chris is innocent."

It seems pretty convenient that Chris' cameras weren't recording. But we're not going to speculate . . . Chris is innocent until proven guilty.