62 Year Old GREASE-BALL Jermaine Jackson . . . Is Dating A 23 Year Old - MTO News

MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: 62-Year-Old GREASE-BALL Jermaine Jackson . . . Is Dating A 23-Year-Old GIRL . . . And We Got The PICS OF HER!!!

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Michael Jackson's 62-year-old brother Jermaine Jackson's got a new GF - and she's a PYT.

The 23-year-old young lady is named Maday Velázquez and she's a very controversial reality TV star who was on a recent season of Gran Hermano, which is the Spanish language version of the Big Brother reality show franchise. She had relations with a couple of men while she was on the show.

In addition to her boyfriend, Jermaine is helping to manage her singing career.

We're disgusted.