MTO SHOCK CRIME: Wealthy NEW YORK Black Family DESTROYED . . . During BITTER Divorce . . . The Husband MURDERS Own Daughter!!!


A wealthy New York family has been destroyed after the father, Neil White, 47, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder of his 7-year-old daughter Gabrielle.

The child's mother, a prominent NBCUniversal vice president named Michelle Hord-White, had filed for divorce from White in April. She was not at their New Rochelle mansion at the time of the horrific incident.

According to police, the girl's nanny Tonette Mahon, rushed to the home inside the gated complex after White had reportedly sent her several disturbing text messages.

Here's how the UK's Daily Mail is reporting it:

"I went upstairs, and I kept calling, 'Neil? Gabrielle?'" Mahon told news outlets.

The babysitter said White emerged bleeding and told her that Gabrielle was "in her room resting."

"She saw Mr. White had cuts to his wrist, saw some blood and then she checked on the girl and saw she wasn't moving and called us," New Rochelle Police Captain Robert Gazzola told WCBS.

An autopsy will be performed, but police said they believe the girl, who was a second-grader at William B. Ward Elementary School, was asphyxiated.

The child's mother was said to be in "hysterics" when she arrived at the horrific scene.

One day before the girl's shocking death, White had approved a deal to surrender the house to his estranged wife as part of an agreement.