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MTO SHOCK ALLEGATIONS: Jessica "Dimepiece" From LOVE AND HIP HOP'S Boyfriend . . . Claims She Went To Dubai . . . And Did CRAZY FREAKY ISH . . . For Money!!!

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Jessica Dime - a.k.a. Dimepiece from Love And Hip Hop had a very PUBLIC fight with her ex-boyfriend on social media last night. Apparently Jessica is now working with people that her ex claims TRIED TO HAVE HIM KILLED.

Anyways, the fight was really PETTY, until Jessica's ex started hurling some SALACIOUS ACCUSATIONS - about what she did when she was in Dubai.

Peep what he said happened:

Jessica, who's known for her fiery red hair, signed a three-album deal with Flo Rida’s IMG Strongarm in 2013, under the conditions that she would quit stripping. After touring with Flo and singer Natalie La Rose, Jessica ended the working relationship because she felt the rapper was too focused on his own solo career.