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MTO SHOCK VIDEO: Ratchet Baton Rouge MOTHER . . . Uses Her Baby AS AN UMBRELLA . . . During TORRENTIAL RAIN STORM!!!


A new viral video has parents around the country UP IN ARMS.
The video shows a RATCHET Baton Rouge mother using her baby -as an umbrella.

In night-time video footage, the lady – dressed in shorts and a T-shirt and booty shorts – is seen holding the little girl above her head. The ratchet mother runs towards a car in a parking lot outside a shopping mall.

She then hesitates and darts back towards the shops, still holding aloft the poor child, who is wearing matching pink T-shirt and shorts, to protect herself from the downpour.

On Twitter, the post has more than 88,000 favorites and 44,000 retweets. As you can probably guess, people were not pleased with the selfish mother.

“But to care more about your hair than ya own kid..😒”

“She more worried about her damn hair then she is about the baby getting a cold in the rain”

“Lmao I’ve officially seen it all😂😂😂😂”

“I’m emailing child services as we speak lmao”

“So instead of covering the baby’s head, she just gone cover her head with the baby? That is the most backwards thing I’ve seen today.”

“Damn she low down…..u at the store buy a umbrella. 😞”

We have no sympathy for the mother. She was wrong, wrong, wrong! We just hope that her actions haven’t triggered a visit from the CPS and that this was just a brief lapse in judgment! We also hope that her actions have caused the young girl to fall ill.

Take a look a the triflin’ video below.