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MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: They're Calling Beyonce . . . BLEACH-ONCE . . . Because Her Skin Looked STRANGELY LIGHTER THAN USUAL . . . At Last Night's Concert!!!

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Beyonce is coming under some fire by concertgoers who are claiming that Bey looked "bleached" at last night's Formation concert. Before we tell 'all the tea, we gotta tell y'all about the Formation tour - it is SPECTACULAR. If you have the opportunity to go, you HAVE TO DO IT. There has been no concert like it since the days of Michael Jackson.

OK now to the tea. Well when Bey took the stage, she looked like typical normal Bey. But after a while she started sweating and her foundation and makeup washed off.

And from where we were sitting, she looked like a straight up White girl. A "Becky" as Beyonce calls them.

People all over the audience were openly asking whether Beyonce bleached her skin. They were saying the same thing on social media.