MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: New Video Proves BEYOND A DOUBT . . . That There Were TWO SHOOTERS In The Las Vegas MASSACRE!! (Why Are The Police . . LYING??)


Ever since the Mandalay Bay massacre in Las Vegas we've been wondering - whether the government was HIDING SOMETHING about the case. Well now it seems pretty clear - they are.

A new series of video proves BEYOND ALL DOUBT - that there were at least TWO shooters in the massacre.

We know some of you doubt this. but watch the two below videos. Both videos capture the same instance of two series of shots fired simultaneously from two distinctly different weapons, but each was filmed from a different vantage point and on a different camera.

If you listen you'll hear the muffled sound of a belt fed machine gun firing, and then the louder and closer sound of fire - most likely from an AR type rifle, or some other type of full auto with a bump fire capable of discharging more rapid fire than the machine gun.

Before and after the shorter burst of the AR fire, the more muffled machine gun has been firing continuously.

In some of the previous videos, the difference in sound may have been made by the shooter changing firing directions, and the difference in the sounds of muzzle report, impact, echoes, or the sound of bullets hitting the ground, but in these videos, there is no doubt you hear two different rates of fire.