MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: California Rapper 40 GLOCC Is SHOT . . . After Getting Into A TWITTER WAR . . . With LA GANGSTERS!!! (See The Video . . . That May Have Gotten Him 'POPPED')


Rapper 40 Glocc is in trouble - and he needs all of our prayers. According to online reports, 40 Glocc was SHOT and his female companion was RUN OVER BY A CAR. Rapper 40 and the lady were visiting a deceased relative at the Mt. View Cemetery - when the incident occurred.

St. Bernardine Medical Center personnel reported the shooting around 2:20 p.m., spokeswoman Eileen Hards said. Police officials say that 40 Glocc was shot in the arm and the chest. His condition is stable.

Rapper 40 Glocc is known as much for his social media BEEFS - as he is with his music.

You may recall that in 2011, 40 Glocc got into a Twitter war with rapper The Game. Eventually The Game put hands on 40 Glocc - and recorded the beating for social media. 40 Glocc later SUED The Game over the incident.

But recently 40 Glocc's beefs became MORE DANGEROUS. He recently took to Instagram and started making very SALACIOUS COMMENTS and threats towards NOTORIOUS L.A. mogul Wack100. Listen to what he said: