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MTO REPORT: Rick Ross HOSPITALIZATION . . . Was The Result COMPLICATIONS . . . Of ‘TUMMY TUCK’ Surgery!!! (Pics Of Ross – Now 190 POUNDS)


Two weeks ago, rapper Rick Ross was rushed to the hospital – with an unknown INFECTION. The infection became BAD, and it affected his respiratory system.
Well, word on the street is that his hospitalization was the result of SURGERY COMPLICATIONS.

Here’s what a person close to Rick Ross told MTO News:

Rick Ross got some kind of stomach operation last month. He was in Florida recovering from the surgery when he was rushed to the hospital.

It wasn’t all serious like TMZ was saying, it was just an infection. They gave him antibiotics and then let him leave.”

Look at Rick Ross now. We’re told that he’s just 190 pounds. At his heaviest Ross was more than 400 POUNDS.

While Rozay was receiving medical treatment, rapper pals Snoop Dogg, Gucci Mane, G-Eazy, LL Cool J and Missy Elliott expressed their concern and sent well wishes via their social media pages.

He was recently spotted was out with his mom, Tommie Roberts, earlier this week in Fort Lauderdale and according to TMZ, he’s in the process of hammering out a child support agreement with his baby mama, Tia Kemp. Rick Ross claims the animosity is because he smashed her sister before her and she cannot get over it.

All this drama cannot be good for his health!