MTO PLAYOFFS BLOCKBUSTER: Cleveland Cavs PLAY DIRTY . . . LeBron And 'Em Allegedly Sent Rookie KAY FIELDER . . . To Smash Kevin Durant's GIRLFRIEND!!!


The Cleveland Cavaliers may have a SECRET PLAN to stop Kevin Durant . . . and it has NOTHING to do with basketball. just got a CRAZY rumor from a person associated with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Here's what we're being told:

Cleveland Cavs rookie Kay Felder is [allegedly] smashing KD's girl. The girl [NAME REDACTED] works for [Popular high tech company], and she and Kevin [have been] dating for a few months.

Kevin though he was getting a "good girl" because she's educated and has a career but she's a THOT. Kay been in her DMs for months, I think he started pressing her when he learned that she was dating KD.

She and Kay hooked up a few weeks ago, and Kevin doesn't know. I swear that Lebron put [Kay] up to this to get inside KDs head.

YOOOOOO . . . that is some serious MIND GAMES. Could 'Bron be so RUTHLESS as to use the rookie to smash your TOP RIVALS GF.

Here's Kay Felder:

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