MTO LOVE AND HIP HOP SHOCKER: DJ Self Is Caught On Video . . . SLAPPING THE SH*T . . . Out Of Cardi B's Sister HENNESSEY!!!


A few days ago Love & Hip Hop's reunion show aired on VH1. It was full of RATCHETNESS and VIOLENCE - but now people are wondering if things went TOO FAR.

You see, at one point a male cast member, DJ SELF, was caught on tape STIFF-ARMING/SLAPPING 19-year-old Hennessey in the face.

We're told that producers tried to EDIT OUT that footage - but that they accidentally left a portion of it in.

So far VH1 has not said what they plan on doing - now that clips of this MALE-ON-FEMALE violence has leaked. We're also told that fans of Hennessey have sent this video to the NY Police department.

Here it is in slow motion:

We hear that DJ Self is trying to apologize.