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MTO LOVE AND HIP HOP SHOCKER: Reality Star Tommie Gets ARRESTED . . . For 'BEATING UP' Cast Member Karli Redd!!! (And We Got VIDEO)

Karli_Tommie learned that earlier this week Tommie was taken into custody by Atlanta Police - for assaulting fellow cast member Karlie Redd.

According to our sources, the two ladies argued on set, and Tommie "punched Karli" in the face multiple times.

Security pulled Tommie off of her, and as per the new protocol - police were called. learned that Love & Hip Hop has a new "zero tolerance" towards violence. To discourage violence (and to protect themselves from legal drama) they call the police whenever any cast member uses violence towards another.

Police were called to the incident, and we're told that Tommie was taken into custody.