MTO LOVE AND HIP HOP SCANDAL: Kirk May Have NOT Gotten His Side Chick PREGNANT . . . The Entire Storyline Could Be FAKE!! (Details)

Original: broke the news that Love & Hip Hop's Kirk Frost was being SUED by his alleged side chick. A woman named Jasmine had a baby and was claiming that it was Rasheeda's husband.

Well now evidence is suggesting that the whole storyline could be FAKE. learned that Jasmine has a "current and long-term" boyfriend. We also learned that the "Kirk side chick" storyline came out AFTER Love & Hip Hop producers talk Kirk and Rasheeda that hey needed a MORE INTERESTING storyline, or they would be getting FIRED.

Wow, we really hope that Jasmine, Rasheeda and Kirk aren't that desperate for a VH1 check . . . that they would FAKE a paternity scandal.

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