MTO LOVE AND HIP HOP EXCLUSIVE: Kirk Is Reportedly Not Jasmine's BABYS FATHER . . . The Whole Storyline . . . IS FAKE!!

Kirk_Father_Lies just got a juicy bit of tea sent to us. Here you go:

I don't believe that Jasmine had Kirk [Frost]'s baby, it's all just one big fraud. Here's why...

I live in Atlanta and I met Jasmine - we were both auditioning for a part on the TV One show Saints And Sinners.

The role we were going for is a girl who had a baby with a married man. Jasmine is a straight up actress, and the storyline is way too convenient.

BTW, she didn't get the part.

We also got word that Jasmine has been raising her son with ANOTHER MAN - not Kirk, but a man named Rodney. He's the same "Rodney" they said was her "ex."

Here's Jasmine revealing that she thinks Kirk is her child's father: