MTO LOVE AND HIP HOP EXCLUSIVE: Judge Prepares To 'DROP' Jasmine's Child Support Case . . . Against KIRK . . . And You Won't BELIEVE WHY!!!

Kirk_Tossed broke the news a few months ago that Jasmine Washington from Love & Hip Hop brought a CHILD SUPPORT ACTION against Kirk Frost - well the action may be dismissed by the judge.

Jasmine claimed in legal documents that Kirk impregnated her and then abandoned her and her child. But that case may be on the verge of getting dropped.

You see, despite being on the same show as Kirk, Jasmine claims that she is "unable to serve him" with the paperwork.

According to Jasmine, she apparently hasn’t been able to find Frost and serve him with her complaint.

The legal situation has become so dire for Washington that she asked a judge to hold a hearing about Frost’s lack of service next month.

If she doesn't serve him with the papers soon, the judge may be forced to DROP THE CASE!!