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MTO LOVE AND HIP HOP Blockbuster!!! Guess Which TWO Cast Members . . . From HOLLYWOOD . . . Are Hooking Up ON THE LOW!!!

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According to the STREETS, Love and Hip Hop HOLLYWOOD is about to go through a blockbuster.
According to social media posts – Lil Fizz is dating his COUSIN Omarion’s baby's mother Apryl.

The "Ice Box" singer split from April back in 2016, but the pair continues to co-parent.

Omarion and Lil Fizz have been at odds ever since Fizz reached out to Omarion about a potential B2K reunion and he never answered. Back in December, a fan tweeted Apryl to bring speed dating to Houston and to bring Fizz along with her, and she retweeted the request, adding three heart-eye emojis!

We've seen Fizz struggle to find a woman worthy of his time on the show. Apryl is a nice girl but surely dating your ex's baby mama is a step too far? They're not just exes; they have a child together.

She spoke to the Hip Hop Enquirer just last month about motherhood:

"I’m a very raw and straight to the point kind of woman so when people ask me that I always say. I don’t know? How do you do it, I wake up, and I don’t know how I do it, all I know is that I have to get it done. My babies are my motivation; I have to hustle for them. Having that mentality has helped me to able to get by, I have been able to create new wines and even write a book. It’s not about me anymore I have two babies I have to take care of now, it’s not just me. They have given me so much motivation that it’s very different from when I wasn’t a mother and single now I feel purpose."

If Apryl IS dating Lil Fizz, we don't think it's with Omarion's blessing. This could get very messy.

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The two are reportedly in Mexico partying together LAST NIGHT. Here is a pic: