MTO EXPLOSIVE TEA: One Of The Members Of The Group DESTINY'S CHILD . . . Is A FULL BLOWN LESBIAN . . . And Needs To Come OUT THE CLOSET!!!

Destinys_Child_Gay just heard a SHOCKING bit of news - one of the members of the former group Destiny's Child is a full blown LESBIAN. And NO, we're not talking about Beyonce.

According to our ROCK SOLID SOURCE, one of Destiny's Child ladies is living a dual life. Here's what we were told:

[NAME REDACTED] is a lesbian. She's dated a bunch of women, and everyone knows it. I don't know why she' pretending to like men.

There's a reason why you never saw her with a man, cause she doesn't want one.

I can't wait until we live in a world where our people don't have to lie about their sexuality. She's gay and should be proud of it.

We're not in the business of "OUTING" celebrities. Hopefully, she'll come out on her own in time . . .