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MTO EXCLUSIVE: It's A WRAP . . . Tiny Is DROPPING Her Divorce . . . She And TI . . . Are Now OFFICIALLY BACK TOGETHER!!! (Find Out What CHANGES . . . They Both Agreed To MAKE)

Tiny_Body_Crazy is happy to announce that Tiny and Ti are NO LONGER going through with the divorce.

According to folks close to both Tiny and TI - the couple, and their families had a sit down - and now Tiny's calling off the divorce.'s snitch explains, "A lot of [Tiny's] friends don't like TI, and were convincing her to leave him. But she's been with that man most of her life, and they're soul mates."

We're told that TI has agreed to make changes in his lifestyle, and Tiny has agreed to cut of Floyd Mayweather, as a pre-condition to their reconciliation.