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MTO EXCLUSIVE: Woman Claims NBA BALLER Khem Birch Is A DEADBEAT DAD . . . Look At The COLD BLOODED TEXT Message . . . He Sent Babys Mother!!!!

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Orlando Magic player Khem Birch is having some baby mama drama.
His son's mother is claiming that the NBA baller hasn’t seen or spoken to his son since LAST SPRING.

After spending almost have a season on the bench, Khem was finally let loose on the court and is sending waves through the league.

“This has been my dream for a long time, since I was a kid,” Birch said. “I went overseas for a couple of years, and then I realized I’m ready right now [to play in the NBA]. I wasn’t ready a few years ago, but that experience has helped me a lot, has made me a more mature person. And now I think I’m ready, ” said Khem to press.

He will likely be a big name in NBA over the next few years. The league is excited about him.

“From the day Khem Birch stepped into our building and had his first training camp practice, I knew he was ready for hits,” Vogel said. “He is a NBA player, not a G-League player. He is staying sharp down there and learning and developing down there. He is a terrific player. He plays that role well — the rolling big, shot blocking and offensive rebound crasher. No surprise that he had a strong performance tonight. We should see that going forward,” coach Vogel said of his presence with the team.

Khem is just beginning to live out his NBA dreams, but somebody should have told him that being a father should always come first. If you cannot make time for your child's birthday or even time for a phonecall, then can you really call yourself a parent?

Check out his heartless messages below.

When she asked him to just CALL the young man, last January – look what Khem told her: