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MTO EXCLUSIVE: We've Got All The DETAILS On . . . Breakfast Club Host DJ Envy . . . And Those CRAZY 'BOOTY' Text Messages!! (Find Out . . . IF THEY'RE REAL)

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    Original:'s inbox was FLOODED today on questions about The Breakfast Club host DJ ENVY - after alleged pics of him and text messages leaked (see below).

So here's the deal - the text messages are all FAKE. Or at least there is NO EVIDENCE that they are real - anyone could have made them up.

The person who put out the texts has been trying to get us to report on it. But when we looked into it, there were SERIOUS DOUBTS that the text messages were authentic.

DJ Envy went on the radio this morning and confirmed that the text messages were fake.

There's more. We're told that DJ ENVY and his wife are fully aware of the messages and have contacted the police to stop the person from spreading them. They suspect that they could be getting BLACKMAILED with false information.