MTO EXCLUSIVE: We Know The GENDER . . . Of Cardi B's BABY!! (Gender Reveal)

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Yesterday Cardi B gave an interview with Hot 97s Ebro And The Morning radio show. In the interview, she talked about being pregnant, and also about being in love.

All in all, it was a great interview.

But Cardi also f*cked up . . . and told the sex of her baby. Here's the transcript from the below video:

Cardi: I was just hosting a strip club recently. In Miami, on Friday . . .

Ebro: Oh really. Did you cover up the baby?

Cardi: Yeah she was . . .

During the interview, she also talked about the beginning stages of her relationship with Migos rapper, Offset.

“I didn't know how far it was gonna go... We was dating. We fell really in love with each other. I tried to keep my heart open for a minute. I didn't wanna fall crazy in love with somebody that every girl wants him, and the entertainment I guess [...] We just fell in love with each. We met here in New York.”

During the interview, she discussed choosing her unborn baby's name and explained why she kept everything so lowkey.

“I really hate it how something so personal and private to me, something I wanted to keep to myself. I hated how people harassed me and didn't let me breathe for something I wanted for me" she told Ebro.

Congratulations on your baby girl, Cardi!