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MTO EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Somali Bloods ATTACK Tekashi 6ix9ine AGAIN . . . They RAN DOWN HIM . . . At His Super Bowl Afterparty!!

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Tekashi 6ix9ine got into ANOTHER fight in Minnesota – this time at his Super Bowl Afterparty.

This weekend, we reported that Tekashi got into a GUN BATTLE with a gang of Somali BLOODS. According to the streets, Tekashi owed them MONEY – for skipping out on a club performance.

Well, the SOMALI BLOODS weren’t DONE WITH HIM. The gang showed up at his Super Bowl AFTERPARTY – and ATTACKED.

The second attack shouldn't come as a big shock to those following him on social media. He NEVER stops talking! After the gunfight, he hopped right on to his Instagram and taunted the Somalis, saying:

“Yo Tekashi, why they so mad at you? ‘Cause you never gonna get touched. Why n*ggas want me to get touched so badly? It’ll never happen. I told you n*ggas. They will never touch me. N*ggas can’t lay a finger on me, man.”

In the video, Tekashi zoomed in on his multiple chains (one of them was even spinning) and continued to talk smack into the camera. If you owe somebody money, you do not then flaunt your wealth publicly. They came with GUNS to the first round. That should've shown the rapper that they weren't playing around.

Tekashi recently announced that he has signed to Birdman's Rich Gang for a reported $15 million. We think he should seriously consider straightening out this situation soon; rappers have lost their lives for less in these streets. And the Somalis are making it clear that they are not going ANYWHERE until they are reconciled.