MTO EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: British Inmate 'Escapes' From PRISON . . . And He Documents The Entire PRISON BREAK . . .On SNAPCHAT!!!


The British government is coming under fire - after receiving thousands of phone calls - about a prisoner escaping on Snapchat.

It turns out that the unwitting viewers fell victim to an elaborate hoax, played out by YouTube pranksters TROLL STATION.

The pranksters set up an elaborate hoax video, where they pretended to break out of prison - and Snapchatted it. Then the video surfaced on Twitter - where millions of people viewed it.

The prank was set in a prison named HMP Shrewsbury, which actually closed down in 2013 and is now used as a tourist attraction for guided tours, educational days and events.

And it made a great setting for an elaborate escape video.

To see some of Trollstations video here is a link to their YouTube page