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MTO EXCLUSIVE: Usher Caught Leaving The Club With TWO THOTS . . . He Has A DIVERSE Taste . . . In THOTS!! ('LET IT BURNNNNNN")

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R&B singer USHER was spotted leaving the club last night with two women, and neither one was his wife, Grace.
One woman was a BLONDE, and the other is African American.

One of the women looks remarkably like Love & Hip Hop star Amara La Negra - it probably isn't, but they could pass for twins!

We're shocked that anybody wants to go home with Usher after the herpes lawsuit scandal. The case was later dismissed with prejudice, but the "Yeah" singer never denied having the disease, only that he transmitted it to her... so we still don't know whether he's clean or not.

Usher has been in the headlines again, but for a good cause. He publicly declared his support for NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick's kneeling protest.

“[It was] a profound experience to hear with clarity why and what his actions represent and just look to continually be supportive as we move forward like every other man and woman who’s watching what he is and what he’s done,” he told PEOPLE.

He also helped Kaepernick wrap up his #10for10 campaign by donating the last $10k needed.

This was an opportunity to do something major, and you did it," Usher said "You have raised $1 million. I'm happy to be a part of the completion of that $1 million. Everyone that has done something around this is amazing. This is a collaborative effort. As a result of us helping each other, we all become stronger."

Things are looking up for the star, and we just hope these ladies know what they are doing...