MTO EXCLUSIVE: Tyrese Is Reportedly LYING About His New Wife's RACE . . . She Is 'NOT BLACK AT ALL' !!!


Tyrese announced earlier this week that he and his wife Samantha - who he referred to as his "Black Queen" - were married on Valentine's Day.

Well now some of Samantha's friends are coming out - to say that Samantha is "not black." Tyrese is allegedly LYING.

Here's how it is being reported in Straight From The A:

Tyrese’s press release neglected to mention that his wife’s name is actually Samantha Schwalenberg and she actually refers to herself as Latin American and not Black.

Before the wedding, Mrs. Gibson previously resided in Athens, Georgia. As for her racial heritage, her mother is reportedly Hispanic, while her father is caucasian.

The newly married Mrs. Gibson attended the University of Georgia, and once even competed in the Miss Latin UGA pageant in 2011.