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MTO EXCLUSIVE: TV Personality MEL B Is Really Going THROUGH IT . . . Now She's Started . . . BLEACHING HER SKIN!! (Pics)

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Talk show host Mel B is coming under fire – for reportedly BLEACHING her skin.

Mel posted a pic of her “new” look yesterday on social media – and her comments EXPLODED with people criticizing her.

Mel immediately DISMISSED the claims that she was bleaching – according to Mel her skin ALWAYS looks that light. Mel claims that she just “needs a tan.”

One follower claimed that Mel 's bleaching skin had ruined her childhood, remarking:

"'How the f**k you got so white... Hi, so, you’re white now?... And you need to pray for a tan... It’s so Michael Jackson to see a dark skin person become light skin... my childhood is confused! U look great tho, don’t get me wrong ... "

It hasn't been an easy 12 months for the former Spice Girl. She's endured an excruciating legal battle with her ex, Stephen Belafonte who she alleged physically abused her and sexually exploited her during their 10-year marriage.

We also reported her dramatic weight loss last week - Mel B's bountiful buns have been banished. Her cherished cakes are no longer. But now - bleaching???

Although Mel denies all allegations of bleaching, you have to admit - the change in complexion is dramatic. She doesn't just look a shade lighter - she looks SEVERAL shades lighter - and all over. It would most likely take WEEKS in the tanning booth to return her beautiful, brown skin to its former glory!

Here's what she used to look like:

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Here's what she looks like now:

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