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MTO EXCLUSIVE: They're Gonna MAKE IT . . . T.I. Drops Plans To DIVORCE Tiny . . . The Couple Enter MARRIAGE THERAPY!!!

Author: has some GREAT news to report - rapper T.I. and Tiny look like they're gonna make it after all.

According to ROCK SOLID SOURCES close to Tiny, T.I. - who had planned to file DIVORCE PAPERS on his wife - has reconsidered everything.

The insider explained, "T.I. loves Tiny. He's not going to allow an innocent dance to destroy his family." The insider claims that T.I. and Tiny have discussed the issue, and are working through it.

But even MORE importantly, T.I. is promising to be a "better man" for Tiny. The couple is entering a Christian based marital counseling together, to help strengthen their marriage. Kudos!