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MTO EXCLUSIVE TEA!! NFLer Russell Wilson REFUSES To Call Ciara's Son By His Name 'FUTURE' . . . Wanna Know What He Calls The BOY!!! (Wow . . . The Hate Is REAL STRONG)


Russell Wilson and Ciara and baby Future had a really fun Saturday together. The couple were spotted out in Los Angeles enjoying the day. But here's a little bit of tea. A bunch of MTOers reported that they HEARD Russell speaking to Ciara's son.

And instead of calling the boy Future - which is his NAME, Russell calls him "Zahir" - the child's middle name. Now that's just WRONG. No matter how they feel about his father, they really need to call that boy by his NAME.

No need to be PETTY Ciara and Russell - y'all have all the happiness in the world - so get that HATE out of your heart.

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