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MTO EXCLUSIVE TEA: We Have Some TEA . . . That Explains . . . Why GORGEOUS ACTRESS Sanaa Lathan . . . Can't Seem To FIND A MAN!!!

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    Original: just received this very juicy bit of tea, from a very well known entertainment insider. This person is a VERY reliable source:

Everyone keeps wondering WHY Sanaa Lathan can't find a man. That's because she had ROOTS put on her. I don't know if you know what roots is, but it's Black magic that people from the South use.

Sanaa carried on a 2 year relationship with Denzel [Washington]. It wasn't just a jumpoff type of relationship either. [Sanaa] actually convinced Denzel to leave his wife [Paula] over it.

Paula and Denzel had to go through counseling, and through the Church, their marriage was saved. But Sanaa caused so much heartache on that family. Denzel's wife and kids really suffered through that time.

Paula is too classy to do anything to Sanaa for her scandalousness, but her family isn't.

[Paula's family] are from South Carolina, and she has an aunt that put the roots on Sanaa. [The voodoo will make it so that] she will never have a happy relationship because of what she did.

Wow. Check out how lovely Sanaa looked last night at the FOX upfronts. Which one of y'all wanna violate the ROOTS, and try and wife her??