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MTO EXCLUSIVE: Tamar Braxton and Vince's Calabasas Mansion . . . Is In Pre-Foreclosure . . . And Up For Auction

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Tamar and Vince are having a TON of financial problems. The couple listed their Calabasas mansion for $15M for two weeks. It is now however up as a pre-foreclosure/ auction with the bank selling it for $13.68M.

They purchased it for $10.5M in 2013.

According to records, they have been defaulting on their mortgage payments for a while. The house seems to have gone into pre-foreclosure for the first time in (March 2016).

In September of last year, news broke that Vince Herbert owed record label Sony $3,738,515.93. That's a LOT of dough! At first, the songbird appeared to be sticking with her man, even telling Entertainment Tonight:

"There are a lot of things that I want to do, and a lot of things that are in the works... There's a lot of things that are going on in my relationship and me being close to this music industry, and whatever I can do to eliminate all of the stress and problems off of my relationship, I would rather do that."

Shortly after, Braxton filed for divorce. In 2015, it was revealed that Herbert owed 600k in back taxes and at the time had over 3 million dollars in debt to the IRS. Their high profile marriage has been riddled with financial issues, and it just seems like Herbert cannot keep himself out of debt!

However, Tamar did a shoot with People Magazine in July 2016 to show off her beautiful house and discuss her design choices… There isn't a hint of "lacking" in this video. Could this home be part of the reason the couple can't pay their bills? See below.

Their home is in the same gated community that Kourtney and Khloe's homes are in. Tamar and Vince's home is described as the largest home in the community at almost 14,000 square feet. (Kourtney's home is 11,000 square feet while Khloe's in 9000 square feet.) It is a VERY beautiful home though...