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MTO EXCLUSIVE: Stevie J From Love And Hip Hop Is Getting LOCKED UP . . . Going In For ONE YEAR . . . Starting NEXT WEEK!!!

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Stevie J will NOT be on the upcoming season of Love And Hip Hop, because he will be BEHIND BARS. confirmed that Stevie J will be going in to prison for the next YEAR - starting as early as NEXT week.

What's this all about? Well Stevie J owed more than a MILLION DOLLARS in back child support, to his first daughter's mother. Stevie fell behind, and was unable to catch up.

The Love and Hip Hop star was faced with either paying a SEVEN FIGURE child support award, or go to prison for a year . . . and he chose the LATTER.

Stevie will avoid most of his child support, but he's goign to lose his freedom for the next 12 months.