MTO EXCLUSIVE: Stevie J Got Himself A New GIRLFRIEND . . . And This One . . . Is OLD AND RICH!! (Pics Of Steebie New . . . 'SUGAR MAMA')

Stevie_J_Latina1 just learned that Love And Hip Hop star Stevie J has got him a new girlfriend, and some are calling her his "Sugar Mama." Stevie's new GF is Liz Gazpari, the founder of multi-million dollar company Gaspari Nutrition - a bodybuilding supplement company.

The two have been spotted together all over social media, and looking very much like a couple.

Here's what Liz said about Stevie:

hey say history repeats itself . All #lizgaspari needed was a STRONG (real) man to stand with and Create #History. I like my men to last longer #DangerZone #MrOlympia2016 Making Moves all over again #VH1
lots of love to my better half StevieJ

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