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MTO EXCLUSIVE: All Star Celebrity FIGHTS . . . Rapper TWISTA And Homie Caught On Tape . . . JUMPING SOMEBODY!!!

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Rapper Twista is from Chicago – and he’s about that life.
A man came up to him talking CRAZY outside of Michael Jordan’s All-Star party in L.A – and Twista put hands on the dude.

As the below video shows, the CHI-TOWN RAPPER put the dude in a headlock, while his homie gave him some BLISTERING BODY SHOTS.

According to reports, the man, who was extremely drunk, approached Twista and was provoking and harassing everybody but Twista was not having any of it. The guy approached him, and Twista was then forced to defend himself.

Twista has remained relatively quiet over the years since his 2016 arrest for marijuana possession. At the time, a show in Indiana had to be canceled due to his incarceration, and he was swiftly released on a $500 bond. The charges against him were later dropped as his friends plead guilty to the charges. He did not appreciate the run-in with the law and blasted them for wasting their time on such a small charge.

He doesn't need another arrest added to his record, but witnesses who saw and filmed the footage are telling people that he was not the one at fault here, even if his homies did all jump in too.

We guess the lesson here is that if you cannot hold your liquor, stay home!