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MTO EXCLUSIVE: Snoop From LOVE AND HIP HOP'S Relationship Is FAKE . . . You'll Never Guess . . . Who Her 'GIRLFRIEND' Is!!! (We Have PROOF . . . Peep The RECEIPTS)

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On this season of Love & Hip Hop, Snoop from the wire is on with her "girlfriend" J. Adrienne. Does she look familiar?

Well she should. You see before joining the cast of Love & Hip Hop, she was "So Hood" on the other VH1 hit show, Real Chance At Love.

So Hood appeared on the first season of Real Chance Of Love, and then appeared the third season of Charm School.

Word is that VH1 held an OPEN CASTING for Snoop's GF, and So Hood won. The relationship is COMPLETELY STAGED for the show.