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MTO EXCLUSIVE: SH*T Just Got Real . . . For The First Time EVER . . . A Man Has Gotten MARRIED TO A S*X DOLL!! (Wedding Pics)

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It happened. learned that for the first time in HISTORY – a man has been allowed to “marry” a s*x doll” that he purchased online.
The man- who has yet to be identified – posted his wedding pics online this weekend. And as you can imagine, the comments on the pics were PRICELESS.

The s* doll “marriage” took place in Lagos, Nigeria – which has very LOOSE laws regarding marriage.

Last year, Davecat, a man who considers himself married to his doll, spoke about his love for his sex dolls. Davecat has named his doll "wife" Sidore Kuroneko and also has a mistress doll.

"It actually didn't take me too long to regard Shi-chan as a synthetic person, and not simply a thing; it occurred pretty much when I opened her crate for the first time. I was immediately stunned by her lifelike beauty, and after I mentally collected myself, extracted her from her crate, and sat her down on the couch, I just held her in my arms for a while. It felt so right and natural, if you'll pardon the pun. It seemed perfectly normal for me to treat something that resembles an organic woman the same way I'd treat an actual organic woman."

Stories have been flooding the internet about dolls having their own social media pages, and even sex doll brothels... but marriage was inevitably the next step. Crazy but true.

What do you think? Should it be legal for men to marry their sex dolls or is this thing going way too far?