MTO EXCLUSIVE: Sas From LOVE AND HIP HOP Atlanta . . . Was SHOT IN THE HEAD Last Night!!! (Pics + Video)


Last night Love & Hip Hop's SAS was shot in the back of the head. He managed to survive the gunshot, and is expected to make a FULL recovery because the bullet was NOT able to penetrate his skull.

According to doctors, if the bullet was just 3 millimeters lower, SAS would be paralyzed or WORSE!!

We know what you're wondering, why was he shot. Well heard that it had something to do with STREET ISSUES.

In case y'all ain't know, SAS is still in the streets, and the gunshot had to do with some street ish.

We're told that Love & Hip Hop cameras are RUSHING TO SAS, to have his shooting included in this season's show. Sas is the SECOND cast member to be shot while the show was filming. Benzino was shot three seasons ago.