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MTO EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS: Riots BREAK OUT In Philadelphia After Super Bowl Win . . . Ritz Carlton RAIDED . . . Macys Looted . . . Police Cars BURNED!!

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The City of Philadelphia BURST INTO FLAMES last night - after the Philadelphia Eagles won their first-ever national championship.

We’re told that police were asked to “stand down” as the rioters set the city on fire.

The riots actually started off as celebrations in Philadelphia as Eagles fans celebrated their win over the New England Patriots at this weekend's Super Bowl. But fans then began to get a little over excited, climbing the gates of City Hall. Fans also climbed up onto the awning of the five-star Ritz Carlton, which you can see in one of the videos.

In another video, you can see the awning is filled with Eagles supporters celebrating - before the whole thing collapses under the weight of them. We do not know if any of the partiers were injured - but the Ritz Carlton cannot be held responsible for their poor lack of judgment.

We do know that there were some injuries from the night. A spokesperson for Philadelphia's Mayor's office told the press that people were injured by rioters pulling down light poles.

The city also suffered broken traffic lights, and broken glass was left on the streets as the window to Macy's was also smashed in as looters went wild. A gas station was also reported to have been looted. Cars were also set on fire by the chanting ragers, and somebody went as far as to steal a police horse and rode it around the streets of Philly amid the chaos.

There were no fatalities reported.

Here's what happened at the city's FINEST hotel - the Ritz Carlton:

Here are people LOOTING at the city's biggest Macy's: