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MTO EXCLUSIVE: Remy Ma Looks AMAZING . . . She Lost A BUNCH OF WEIGHT . . . And Now . . . She's A SIZE 6!!!

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Remy Ma has always been CONCEITED – but now she’s got an EXTRA reason to be so.
Remy has been on a low-carb diet and working out like a MAD WOMAN. And look at the results...

The voluptuous "Wake Me Up" rapper has been working for months on getting in shape and is doing it all naturally. No surgery here.

“Well, first I did a juicing thing and cleansed everything, and then I stopped eating meat,” she told Wendy Williams. “I only do like seafood here and there. Mostly just fruits and vegetables and water, water, water. It’s a lot, but when you go outside and then, everyone says, ‘Oh my God, Remy looks so good.’ I’m like, 'You know what? I really don’t need that soda. It’s OK. I didn’t want it anyway.'”

It's not like Remy was a fattie, but the weight loss looks great on her, and it wasn't too drastic either. Many of her fans have noticed that the "All The Way Up" star is significantly smaller, but they appear to be loving her new frame too.

The Love and Hip Hop star has been branching out. Not only has she been delivering hit after hit, back in December she and hubby Papoose were given their own VH1 special, Remy & Papoose: A Merry Mackie Holiday. She also opened up a clothing store in North Carolina named "Conceited" after her 2005 single. Remy can regularly be seen modeling items from the store on her Instagram page.

Check out the pictures of the new Rem below.

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