The REAL TEA On What's Going On BEHIND THE SCENES . . . Of Rob And Chyna's REALITY SHOW!! (We Feel SORRY For Rob)


An MTOer just reached out to us to provide the following report which came from a PRODUCER on Rob and Chyna's new reality show. It's very SAD:

I [know] of the producers for Rob & Chyna's show. Anyway they told me that Rob isn't feeling the relationship, he's going back into hibernation mode, he's gained back the weight, he hates the cameras and regrets jumping so fast in a relationship with Chyna.

My producer friend thinks Rob realizes he got played. And my friend said they had the toughest time trying to get footage that would be interesting enough for television. There won't be a season 2 because Rob refuses to do anymore reality television shows and the only thing he's looking forward to is the baby.

The real gag is that many people don't know that Chyna has a really bad temper behind closed doors and she has trust issues and doesn't want Rob speaking to any females other than his sisters and family.

I'm told Rob is currently MISERABLE!