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MTO EXCLUSIVE: We Have The REAL TEA . . . On Future And Ciara's CUSTODY Situation . . . Ciara Has 'SOLE' Custody . . . If You Read Anything Else . . . It's LIES!!!!!!

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Baby_Future_Fight1 got some INSIDE TEA on the Future and Ciara child custody settlement. Yesterday it was reported that Future and Ciara have "JOINT" custody of baby Future. That's 100% LIES!!!

The custody case for 2-year-old Future Zahir was transferred to the state of Washington. And Washington state does not recognize joint custody.

As such, Ciara was awarded custody and Future can request visitations to be agreed upon, provided that he gives Ciara at least two months advanced notice. Also, they agreed that all visitations have to take place in Atlanta - where Ciara still has family and a home.