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MTO EXCLUSIVE: Rapper T.I. Will 'FILE TO DIVORCE' Tiny . . . After Video Of Mayweather Dancing With HIS WIFE . . . Hit The Internet!!!

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There have been RUMORS that T.I. and Tiny were having trouble in their marriage - but can officially confirm that as far as T.I. is concerned, his marriage with Tiny is OVER!! spoke with two people close with T.I., who told us that T.I. and Tiny were "still together" as of yesterday, and the two were "working on their marriage."

But that working is now over. You see yesterday reported that video footage of Floyd Mayweather dancing with Tiny from Mariah Carey's Halloween party hit the net. See below:

Here is how Tiny described what happened with her and Floyd before yesterday's video got leaked:

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And we're told that T.I. is completely FED UP over it. He's now prepared, according to our insider, to file for divorce from Tiny. The insider explained, "Why is she dancing with [Floyd Mayweather], of all the guys in the world. That's just foul. Tip can not forgive her for that."

We're told to expect an official announcement as early as TODAY.