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MTO EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Soulja Boy SWITCHES SIDES . . . He's No Longer A Blood . . . And He's Now Reportedly A CRIP!! (Video Of Him And His 'NEW HOMIES')

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Rapper Soulja Boy is no longer a BLOOD y'all . . . he's a CRIP.

Soulja Boy is currently in Dallas, Texas - with his new set - the Crips. While it's not 100% clear that Soulja DROPPED his old alleged set "The Bloods," it seems likely given the below video.

Listen closely, you'll hear his homies talk about beating up Chris Brown - reportedly a BLOODS gang member. They say "On Crip" a number of times during the video:

Rapper Soulja Boy has recently been robbed twice while in Los Angeles. Word on the street is that it was his "Blood homies" that robbed him.