MTO EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Who Allegedly STOLE Rapper Fetty Wap's Chain . . . Was MURDERED . . . And In UNRELATED NEWS . . . Fetty Got His CHAIN BACK!!!

Original: is sad to report that over the weekend, rapper Qua Louie The G was murdered - shot down on the streets of Newarkn. Louis was affiliated with the Grape Street Crips in central New Jersey.

You'll recall that Louie was the rapper who recently posted an Instagram video, posing with Fetty Wap chain asking for money for it. Reports were that Louie and some of his goons ROBBED Fetty.

Well in completely UNRELATED NEWS, Fetty Wap appears to have gotten the chain back. We're told that Fetty's Hoover Crip homies from Paterson managed to negotiate the release of the chain. The same insiders say the negotiations were peaceful, and they had NOTHING to do with Louie's murder.