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MTO EXCLUSIVE: Racism Hits The HOUSEWIVES . . . Kim Zolciak Makes 'RACIST' Statement Towards NeNe . . . Should She Be FIRED FOR IT?????

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Kim Zolciak is in the HOT SEAT this season of the Atlanta Housewives. You see, she made a comment towards NeNe - that many are calling "Racist."

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Here's what happened. NeNe and Kim got into an argument while overseas in Spain (the Housewives had their annual trip there). During the argument NeNe started bragging about her new home.

Well Kim said that her new home "probably has roaches," because of the "neighborhood."

NeNe's new home is in a very UPSCALE neighborhood - where most of the residents are African-American.

Look at what NeNe said on social media:

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